• Laura Popper – Sugar Land, TX

    I love the book Discovery in the Desert by Tom Thiele! I have given over 100 of them away as gifts because the message in the book is so important. It is surely one of those “change your life” books! Right after I read it, I made sure that every one that I love had one to read. After that I started giving them to friends and sometimes, even strangers! I don’t want to ruin the bottom line of the book for those that haven’t yet read it, but it even changed my life dramatically for the better! I am so thankful that Tom Thiele wrote this book.

  • Bill Moore – Sugar Land, TX
    West Houston Area Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    Tom Thiele’s Discovery Series novels are life-changing reads! The life lessons and Biblical teachings jumped from the pages as this series impacted my heart and soul in unexpected ways. The truths in Tom’s novels have inspired me and reinforced the importance of being “All In” for God. As a staff member with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I have been able to use these novels as resources by sharing them with coaches, athletes, and the community. Be ready to be transformed!

  • Charlie & Paula Mahler – Richmond, TX
    West Houston Board Member, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    We recently attended a Fellowship of Christian Athletes banquet and were privileged to meet author Tom Thiele. He is the author of the Discovery Series of Christian-based fiction novels. We learned that Tom, an avid reader, was led to read the Bible cover-to-cover. After he accomplished this (it took him 2 years), he felt an overwhelming urge to write a book. He’s never written before and felt reluctant at first. Tom states he was urged over and over by God to write Discovery in the Desert, so he followed God’s lead and wrote the novel. My husband and I read Discovery in the Desert in about 2 days—this book truly transformed our lives! I can only say that it is truly a God-inspired book. As a result, I am committed to read my Bible cover-to-cover and I challenge you to do the same. Let’s see what God will do with us! You need to get this book, even if you are not a Christian. It will transform your life!