Christians should live in Freedom through the wonderful gift of Grace. The Old Testament law showed us our wrongs—then Christ became the curse of all our wrongs and took every one of them to His grave! He rose again, but our wrongs are all forgotten.


So—here is advice for future parents and those who still have children living at home—focus on the best things. I have some “best things” in mind. I would have more family meals with everyone required to be present, more regular attendance to church every week, more time talking about the bible, and more time praying together.


While reading Jeremiah’s book in the Old Testament, the condition that existed within the city of Jerusalem reminds me of America today. On the surface, the Israeli’s were regularly worshiping at the temple; they were performing the required sacrifices and offering their prayers up to God. There were significant problems below the surface, however, that God pointed out to Jeremiah.

The Peacemaker

Life in this day and time is very hectic, and it seems as we grow older and take on more responsibility it just becomes more hectic. I believe the craziness can overwhelm each and every one of us. Turn to the Peacemaker.

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Under My Thumb

As we experience this adventure called life, many of us feel the need to be in control. This is something that I have struggled with often, which tends to be very stressful. Understanding and trusting that God is in control brings peace.