Compelling Truth, Number 4

Christian believers can strengthen their faith by learning facts, compelling truths, from the bible. These truths are not always easy to see, but when we dig into the context we learn and grow our faith! "Then the Stones Will Cry Out"

God Is ….

Many of life's questions cannot be answered without insight from our Creator. So, until we see God in heaven, what are we to do with these perplexing questions? This blog has the only sane answer, "Trust God."

Trust God

Just like the Tom Cruise movie, "Live, Die, Repeat," we do not want each day of our lives to be repeated over and over again. But, if we do not act, this very well may happen. We must be bold, follow God's lead, and step-up to challenges.

I Am With You—Always

It seems very common to envision God seated upon a throne in heaven—somewhat disconnected from the happenings on earth. This blog will remove this common image from your mind forever.

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Under My Thumb

As we experience this adventure called life, many of us feel the need to be in control. This is something that I have struggled with often, which tends to be very stressful. Understanding and trusting that God is in control brings peace.

God, Good People, and Suffering

Most of us have experienced suffering in life that has caused us to wonder why a Good God allows suffering—especially when it affects good people. Well, if we consider the 'bigger picture', maybe we can begin to understand.

Fill the Hole in Your Soul—Become Whole

Human Beings have a void within their soul that longs to be filled. So—we strive to fill this void with all kinds of things, but to no avail—nothing seems to do the trick. There is one thing, however, that God wired us to utilize specifically for that void.