When time had become “full,” God implemented His plan of redemption. Jesus Christ stepped down from heaven. This Son of our most gracious and loving Creator chose to come to earth, take on the fragile body of a human, and redeem God’s people unto Himself!


Unfortunately, it appears that the majority of us in the more developed nations of the world believe that life is about winning. We have chosen to make our lives a series of races—races that we need to win.

Thanksgiving Excitement

During this season of Thanksgiving in the U.S., it is a time of reflection. It is a time to focus on all the blessings in our lives. Christians have been given one very special gift, that is a cause for celebration!

Hold Your Head High—You Have Been Wonderfully Made

Each one of us has been engineered by God! The creator of the heavens and earth has created us within our mothers' wombs, speaking us into existence in order to perform a specific God-given purpose.

I’m a Good Person. I Will Go to Heaven, Right?

Please do not believe and do not allow others to believe that just because you are a good person you have earned heaven. It is all explained in the Bible, you must place your faith in Jesus Christ.

The Blood is The Life

Many people are clearly upset by the overwhelming presence of blood at the cross of Jesus. This blood was ever present at the altars of both temples in Jerusalem and very clearly of significance to God. Why?

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Today is a Gift

As the days come and go for each one of us, we need to remember that "Today is a Gift." It is a gift from God and we are to use it wisely. Our lives here on earth are so critical with respect to our eternity, we need to act wisely.

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