The Blood is The Life

Many people are clearly upset by the overwhelming presence of blood at the cross of Jesus. This blood was ever present at the altars of both temples in Jerusalem and very clearly of significance to God. Why?

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Today is a Gift

As the days come and go for each one of us, we need to remember that "Today is a Gift." It is a gift from God and we are to use it wisely. Our lives here on earth are so critical with respect to our eternity, we need to act wisely.

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Compelling Truth, Number 4

Christian believers can strengthen their faith by learning facts, compelling truths, from the bible. These truths are not always easy to see, but when we dig into the context we learn and grow our faith! "Then the Stones Will Cry Out"

Love Jesus? Know Jesus?

In the gospel of John, Jesus is described as the word of God that became flesh. The bible, the word of God, is God's truth. So—'Jesus' and 'the bible' are both God's word, one flesh and one a book. Do you know Jesus?

God Is ….

Many of life's questions cannot be answered without insight from our Creator. So, until we see God in heaven, what are we to do with these perplexing questions? This blog has the only sane answer, "Trust God."

Trust God

Just like the Tom Cruise movie, "Live, Die, Repeat," we do not want each day of our lives to be repeated over and over again. But, if we do not act, this very well may happen. We must be bold, follow God's lead, and step-up to challenges.

Be Prepared

Every day of life here on earth is not guaranteed. Any one of us could experience the end of life on any day. The question is this: Are we prepared for eternity based on where we are at today?